“ Art is Experience

Another World is Possible

Through my journey in the art world, I have encountered countless pieces that inspire hope and imagination. These artworks transport us to realms beyond the ordinary, where boundaries are shattered, and innovative visions thrive. As a collector, I seek out pieces that challenge conventions, provoke thought, and offer glimpses of a better future. As a curator, my mission is to assemble exhibitions that showcase artists who fearlessly explore uncharted territories, inviting viewers to question the status quo and envision a world transformed. Art has the power to stimulate change, to ignite the sparks of possibility, and to beckon us towards a future where new horizons await. Embracing this belief in every brushstroke, pixel and sculpted form, I strive to share the boundless potential that art offers to shape a world that transcends limitations and welcomes possibilities.”

Curating Spectacles

Every exhibition is a movie. It has a beginning and an end, a plot, a structure, and possibly a climax in between. It follows a linear progression since your body can occupy only one point in space at a time, and therefore, it has a duration as well. With each exhibition, I ask myself: What kind of movie is this going to be? An action thriller, a drama, a comedy, a porn? How do we structure the exhibition? What impression do we want to give the visitor right from the start? Do we begin with a wild car chase or a slow helicopter flight over the open sea? Does someone get shot with a loud bang right away, or do we start with a long, abstract detail blending into an opening scene? What is the conceived soundtrack that we hear in our minds while immersing into the works? How do we guide someone through space, time, and the narrative? How do we tell the story, organize the sequences, and manipulate experience?”

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Cover Image: Pasha Cas “Find Now”, Photo by Nika Kramer