“ Art is Experience

Another World is Possible

Through my journey in the art world, I have encountered countless pieces that inspire hope and imagination. These artworks transport us to realms beyond the ordinary, where boundaries are shattered, and innovative visions thrive. As a collector, I seek out pieces that challenge conventions, provoke thought, and offer glimpses of a better future. As a curator, my mission is to assemble exhibitions that showcase artists who fearlessly explore uncharted territories, inviting viewers to question the status quo and envision a world transformed. Art has the power to stimulate change, to ignite the sparks of possibility, and to beckon us towards a future where new horizons await. Embracing this belief in every brushstroke, pixel and sculpted form, I strive to share the boundless potential that art offers to shape a world that transcends limitations and welcomes possibilities.”

Curating Spectacles

For me, every exhibition is a movie. It has a plot, a structure, a beginning, and an end, with some sort of climax in between. It follows a linear progression, as your body can occupy only one point in space at a time, thereby giving it a duration as well. With each exhibition, I ask myself: What kind of movie is this going to be? An action thriller, drama, comedy, or perhaps an erotic film? How do we structure the exhibition? What impression do we want to give the visitor right from the start? Do we begin with a wild car chase or a slow helicopter flight over the open sea? Does someone get shot with a loud bang right away, or do we start with a long, abstract detail blending into an opening scene? What is the conceived soundtrack that we hear in our minds while immersing into the works? How do we guide someone through space, time, and the narrative? How do we tell the story, organize the sequences, and manipulate experience?”


Aleksandra will reconcile the world

July 4, 2024

And what am I supposed to do now with Aleksandra who fascinates me and at the same time drives me crazy? I must not follow her idea of a better world, because every time I have given in to such ideas, I have woken up with a broken nose and covered in blood.”

Dear Elon​,

June 06, 2024

Your cars are conquering the world, your satellites are orbiting the Earth, and according to an Instagram meme, you actually come from Doboj. Regardless, I’m writing to tell you that while you might have taken Tesla, we’ll never give up Stojadin.”

sunk in the river

April 25, 2024

The artist Zhao Bandi has created a piece depicting a Mercedes hanging from a crane over the Yellow River. Bandi’s work illustrates the impending clash between China’s collective socialist ethos and the seductive sweetness of consumerism. What’s particularly intriguing is the artist’s exceptional foresight in predicting the eventual downfall of Western status symbols.”

Do you see me in Cyrillic?

March 21, 2023

On which eye are we blind to Cyrillic? For a perspective sight, we need both. Hence, there is no vantage point with one of them closed. Accepting Cyrillic in a contemporary artistic context means stepping into a relatively unexplored territory – and in the abundance of creativity we live in, unexplored fields are rare to find.”

There is no good art
without conflict

February 29, 2024

In the heart of every great artistic story lies conflict – without it, there is nothing worth telling.

Good art has never sprung from the calm waters of tranquil lakes, but is forged in the searing hotbeds of conflict. To think that good art can arise from some carefree existence is as much a wrong belief as thinking a phoenix can grow from a woolen nest, rather than from the ashes of its own demise. Conflict is the chisel that transforms the raw material of creativity into shapes that transcend. Masterpieces that have left their mark on the canvas of history are not the fruit of content minds, but of turbulent souls who battled with their demons, the injustices of society, or the horror of human existence.”

Belgrade is not
Berlin of the nineties

December 26, 2023

The nineties, so characteristic for Berlin, were also a turning point for the situation in our regions. While the Berlin audience, amidst a wave of geopolitical changes in Europe and the world, was discovering and celebrating techno music, we experienced war, bombs, destruction, and absolute dystopia. “

Don't change, Sanja

November 2, 2023

Our joint curatorship reminds me of moments of disturbing turbulences on a plane when the flight attendants exchange glances, and you think: ‘Damn, if they are worried, so am I’.”

Going full speed with Ema Bregovic

October 12, 2023

In Ema’s studio, everything seems to be a bit larger than in the world outside of it, and I feel like Alice’s best friend in the rabbit hole.”

Art is the ultimate status symbol

September 24, 2023

Art transcends the ordinary. Art takes us on an emotional journey, challenges our assumptions, and transforms the living room into a gallery. Perhaps we won’t always understand it, but that’s part of its charm. Because true luxury is not in practicality; true luxury is in expanding horizons and embracing the unexpected. As a collector, you are not just a person with a home; you become a curator of the human spirit, a guardian of cultural heritage, and a creator of taste.”

The whole world is asleep: Oleg Kuznetsov's Midnight Express

September 21, 2023

The understanding of time in Oleg’s photographs is a matter of negotiation. The red ‘Atak’ logo on the plastic bag of the woman in fur has been appearing for months, as have the shoes she’s worn while traversing many sidewalks of the Russian capital. With Oleg’s photographs, we become very vigilant observers. We are woke. They’re dormant. The grandma in fur is asleep. But always ready to unleash an ‘Attack’ lurking from her plastic bag.”

My human fallibility is better than your artificial intelligence

August 17, 2023

The perspective of our future collaboration with AI in the creative process will lie precisely in our human imperfection. We will become more aware of our own fallibility, but also of its potential because, to be candid, this is the sole asset we can offer in opposition to the omnipotence of artificial intelligence.”



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